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When people think of celebrities, they don’t see them as intellectuals, and it is therefore surprising to many that these famous people are holders of degrees at bachelor and master’s levels. It is thus quite a shock to some people that some of these renowned people have a doctorate, which is the highest education level in most countries. Here are some of the famous people with PhDs:

Brian May

Brian May

When you think of rock stars, what comes to your mind? To many people, it is a group of musicians who excel in playing various instruments and jamming to tunes that will have you nodding to the beat, but rarely do they think of these stars as the sharpest tools in the shed. Well, Brian was quite the exception. He played the lead guitar for Queen which is quite a famous band across the globe and also had a rich educational background.

Brian was born in the UK, where he studied mathematics and physics at the Imperial College in London. He later undertook a doctorate in astrophysics but did not finish as his star rose at a fast rate, forcing him to do away with academics for a while to concentrate on his music career. However, by the time he left, he had co-authored several research papers.
Later on, he returned to finish his doctorate studies, and he now pursues his interests in astrophysics. Whoever said that you couldn’t have your cake and eat it should take a good luck at Brian.

Angela Merkel

Angela works as a head of government in Germany, a post that she has held for quite several years. She was born in East Germany and has made history by being the first woman in German history to hold the chancellor position. What’s more, she is the first German Democratic Republic citizen to hold the post. Additionally, she is the first female leader of the Christian Democratic Union, which is one of the largest political parties in the country.

She is quite intelligent and other than being fluent in German, she also holds conversations in Russian with ease and has a degree in the field of physics. Angela did her research on quantum chemistry before earning her doctorate.

Condoleezza Rice

When people think of Condoleezza, they remember a woman who set many milestones in her career. For one, she was the second African American to hold the position of secretary of state, and in so doing, she was also the second woman to undertake the job. She served under the Bush administration and also made history as the first woman to become the president’s national security advisor.

She is well-educated, as she has an undergraduate, masters and doctorate in political science. After serving her time in office, she went on to work as a professor at Stanford University.

Martin Luther King Junior

Would this list be complete without including a man who touched so many a life? It is hardly likely and, in this line, let’s get into the most memorable civil rights activist’s educational background. Martin Luther King was a man of many titles, which included but were not limited to Theologian, Baptist minister, and humanitarian.

Martin dedicated most of his life to fighting for the rights of the oppressed, and he championed many boycotts and non-violent protests across the country as he fought for racial equality. He won a Nobel Peace Prize in his lifetime before meeting his untimely death in 1968. So great was the people’s love for their leader that the period following his death featured protests and riots in the United States. The international community did not hold back on its disapproval as to his death.
Before he was a renowned activist, Martin undertook undergraduate studies in sociology and divinity. He later pursued doctoral studies in systematic theology.

Shaquille O’Neal

shaquille o'neal free throw

You think of O’Neal and what comes to mind is one of the best players on the pitch. But who knew that he also has an advanced academic background? Well, it turns out that as Shaquille was playing in the NBA, he undertook his undergraduate and master’s degrees. Having come to the end of his career, he pursued doctoral studies in leadership and education, as a way to keep a promise he made to his mother.

Do you know of another celebrity with a doctorate?