Beyond the PHD


You could be undertaking your graduate studies or your undergraduate degree, pondering over the future and what you could do to get the most out of your career. During such moments, you are likely to think about undertaking a doctoral degree but may not be sure as to the advantages of the same.

Or you could have started your doctoral degree or finished your studies, and you could be in search of resources as to how you can advance your career. What if you do not want to pursue a postdoc? What advantages do you have over other people in the job market? These and more are some of the questions that we will answer in this site.
You can think of this site as a supportive platform where you will get not only numerous options as to how you can exploit the full potential of your educational background but also a safe space where we aim to make everyone feel included.
If you’re having a hard time building your confidence skills or are feeling lost or are looking for a way out of a job that is not working for you or other problem that you may be having, you can bet that you are not the only PhD Holder going through such a time.
And we will work to make you feel better by providing you with enough resources to give you that extra push.

The benefits of a PhD.

Some people think of a doctorate as a sure way to get permanent head damage owing to the amount of work in play, but getting a doctoral degree is an easy way to carve out your career path. It will help you in the following ways:


Have you always wanted to be the boss and dictate the deadlines, working hours, and the environment as well as other factors which you have no control over as an employee? Well, if this is the case, a doctorate is the answer for you. You get to decide when you want to work on research and how you will present it and when.

Explore your Interests

Suppose you have something that you have always wanted to know more about, pursuing doctoral studies will help you get in there and amass a wealth of information. By the end of your three or four years in school, you will be an expert and people will come to you for clarification on many things. The good thing about it is that they will not appear at your doorstep empty-handed!

Boost your CV

Imagine a situation where you show up for an interview with a 90,000-word document which serves as a show of your research work and someone else comes in with a master’s degree in research. Who do you think has a better chance of bagging the job?

Income Guarantee

In most cases, you find that most doctoral degree students take up the courses with financial backing such that they can meet their needs and concentrate on their studies. It is a stable income for three years. Who can say no to that? You are having your cake and eating it.

You are a Doctor!

Yes, you may not have gone to medical school, but you will have the advantage of adding the title doctor to your name. It is a title that will have you letting out a cheeky smile every time you bring it up for the first few years before getting used to it. And you will deserve it!


There will be lots of traveling when you undertake this career path. From traveling to various institutions for study purposes to international conferences, there will hardly be a time where you have nothing to do and no one to meet.
With all these advantages, it is hard to imagine that there would be any downsides to getting a doctoral degree, but there are. If you have finished your PhD already, you know that getting a job is easier said than done and more often than not, people lean on postdocs as they are the safe option.
Yes, you will be behind on the career ladder for a while, and after school, some companies may look at you as overqualified. However, we are here to make life after your PhD easier and show you the numerous options available to you if you are willing to cast your net wider.
Forget what the system instilled in you and know that even though a postdoc is an option, there is far much more that you can do with your skills.

What do we cover?

Career Paths

We will take you through a range of academic careers that are available to people with doctorate degrees as well as the alternative jobs which you could pursue if you do not want to get into the traditional roles set out for doctorate holders.

The Community

We will connect you to other people in your field such that you can connect with them, share experience, and learn something from each other. One such example is the Life beyond the PhD conference, which brings doctorate students as well as early career researchers together for a chance to learn valuable skills that will make them more marketable.

Fun Facts

We will get into celebrities with PhDs as well as the youngest people to attain the same. We will also cover the various ways in which people have implemented their knowledge, including in gambling as well as other areas. You are sure to learn a lot by navigating this site or you can also visit Be sure to check often for updates as we are always adding new content.